Get the 3 phase program I have spent 7 years perfecting so you can FINALLY:

  • Improve consistency
  • Increase power and add needed distance
  • Improve accuracy
  • Lower golf scores in chunks at a time
  • Eliminate pain and avoid injury
  • Help golfers consistently hit great shots that get them smiling on the golf course again
  • All for (exclusively for) golfers over the age of 50
$37 One Time Payment for LifeTime Access to AgeDefyingGolf StiffOlderGolfers
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What People are Saying About the Course

Judy Charney Judy Charney, Boise, ID

I started playing golf when I was 43. My friends all teased me about my very short back swing.

When I was young, I broke my back in a sky diving accident that resulted in a few of my vertebrae fusing together. This made it so the rotation of my spine was diminished. Then came Age-Defying Golf Rx.

Age Defying Golf was able to help me increase the flexibility in my back and strengthen my rotation of my body; therefore I am able to hit the ball further and more accurate then I had in the past. More importantly, it didn’t hurt my back to perform this movement. My back problem couldn’t be cured but by using Age-Defying Golf I will have years of golf in my future. I would recommend it for anyone, young and old

Kay Clark Kay Clark, New Zealand

I have played golf on and off for almost 20 years and I truly fell in love with the game. I was constantly asking my friends for tips and I desperately wanted to uncover the secrets that all the lower handicap golfers seemed to know.

I took numerous lessons from golf pros with the hopes of learning how to increase my power, accuracy and consistency. They always gave me too much to think about and I left more confused with no results.

With Age Defying Golf, Dr York and Dr. Edwards showed me how to train my muscles to remember the correct way to drive a ball through simple repetitive exercises. How easy is that! I now golf with confidence with golfers who have lower handicaps